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What is SchoolHacks?

After the success of last year's worldwide NuevaHacks III with over 350 students from 8 countries participating, we are thrilled to present the next evolution of NuevaHacks: SchoolHacks. We are emerging from this pandemic with a new vision: one that focuses on maintaining the global connection brought by last year’s hackathon while bringing exciting in-person elements. We are excited to announce that we are pivoting to a larger organization called SchoolHacks. In the future, SchoolHacks will be a movement of hackathons around the world, all happening at the same time and under the SchoolHacks brand. 

This year, we are excited to celebrate the launch of SchoolHacks with a remote, global hackathon in the Spring of 2022 Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the world around us. Nearly every industry has been impacted by the pandemic. This year, we are focusing SchoolHacks on three timely and important themes: Education, Healthcare, and Climate Change


2021 Prizes

More prizes to be announced soon! 

Best Education Projects

Best Healthcare Projects

Best Climate Change Projects

1st Place (Best Education): $500

2nd Place (Best Education): $350

3rd Place (Best Education): $200

1st Place (Best Healthcare): $500

2nd Place (Best Healthcare): $350

3rd Place (Best Healthcare): $200

1st Place (Best Climate Change): $500

2nd Place (Best Climate Change): $350

3rd Place (Best Climate Change): $200


Speakers (2020)

Dan Kan

Co-founder of Cruise Automation

Mada Seghete

Co-founder of Branch


Judges (2020)

Jason Green

Founding Partner at Emergence Capital

Dom Sagolla

Co-founder of Archipelo

Mar Hershenson

Founding Partner at PearVC

Usman Rabbani

Managing Director at KKR

Cliff Weitzman

Founder of Speechify

Ritu Narayan

Founder of Zūm


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Aaref Hilaly

Partner at Bain Capital

Ari Nazem

Sophmore Class President at Stanford

Edward Hartman

Co-founder of LegalZoom


Individual Donors

Jason & Ann Green

Paul Holland

Alfred and Rebecca Lin

Marc Tarpenning

David Cowan

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