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NuevaHacks II

inspiring the daring ones.

2 Days, 150 Participants, 21 teams, 

4 inspiring speakers, $4,500 awarded.

First Place, $500 

Stephanie S.

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Breathe Like a Bear is a mindfulness app developed for kids, to help them reset and focus in class, on the road, or anywhere they need a tool to help them calm down. Although Stephanie (from the Nueva School) was just a single person team, her mobile app was a runaway hit for the judges, making it a unanimous first place winner. 

Second Place, $400 

Daniel M., Jasper W., and Ben G.

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Biased is a web application which detects political bias in news articles, using machine learning. This team: one from The Nueva School and two from Kehillah Jewish High School was extremely hard-working throughout the entire competition. In the end, it paid off huge. The elegance, usability, and incredible demo of this web application put this team of three in second place.

Third Place, $300 

Karen G., Kira W., Nikki A., Sophia Y., and Audrey A.

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Train TraX is a simple and easy to use mobile app which improves the safety of you and others on public transit. This all girls team of Nueva 9th graders, worked extremely hard and extremely well together, throughout the entire competition. The judges described this team to "not only have a clear vision for their product but also have flawless execution." Their execution paid off big time with a third place win.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Josh F. ($50)

  2. Vivi L., Josie B., Charlotte S., and Erika M. ($50)

  3. Jack H., Molly S., and Ryan F. ($50)

  4. Miriam H., Anusha N. ($50)

Sponsor Prizes: NEAR Protocol Winners

  1. Brandon C., Owen Z., Devanshi M., Richard W., Rajeev S., Osher L., Yoav R. ($500)

  2. Daniel M., Jasper W., and Ben G.($500)

  3. Selina M., Dylan P., Albert H., Huxley M. ($500)

Sponsor Prizes: Zum Winners

  1. Stephanie S. (1 Google Home)

  2. Karen G., Kira W., Nikki A., Sophia Y., and Audrey A. (5 Google Home’s)

  3. Josh F. (1 Google Home)

  4. Vivi L., Josie B., Charlotte S., and Erika M. (4 Google Home’s)

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. "

Steve Jobs

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