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NuevaHacks III

inspiring global collaboration during COVID-19.

10 days. 350 students. 8 countries. 100 teams. 5 visionary speakers. 

$6000 awarded. 25 incredible winners. 1 global hackathon.

First Place, $750 

Nemo Delingat, Maelle Allanic, Aidan Smith, Qi Lu

SATWICH is a completely free, offline, unlimited SAT testing platform, on a mission to transform the testing landscape. This project identified a very unique period we are in – a window of time when paper-based tests are widely prevalent, and test-taking is transitioning to online, yet no online platform can take these tests and provide an online experience. This team had incredible implementation, fantastic design, and their project has the potential to have a MASSIVE societal impact.

Second Place, $600 

Izzy Swart

Mincodec is a novel serialization format that is drastically more efficient, both spatially and temporally, than existing solutions. This project could be groundbreaking. Izzy benchmarked against popular solutions and showed that his approach was significantly more efficient. Judges were all blown away, and one even offered an internship. 

Third Place, $450

Yehong Jiang

Yehong created an innovative solution using AI to interpret sign language. His project identified a key problem that the disabled community is facing right now and trained a robotic simulator that models a human translator. Watch the demo, it's so cool!

Best Design, $500

Jacob Zwang

VolumeHQ is a more efficient way for groups to communicate remotely. The judges were amazed by Jacob's vision and superb video demo, making it a clear cut winner for Best Design.

Best Remote Learning, $500

Kajetan Knopp, Karol Wąsowski, Igor Dmochowski

This team of three from Poland created a custom platform, smarTest, that uses machine learning algorithms to detect whether students are taking tests fairly while at home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Best Pitch, $200

Alon Knaan, Rotem Knaan, Guy Knaan

CoronaWise provided a refreshing look into how we can keep our society safe while also keeping their data safe. This team extensively outlined a Bluetooth-based contact tracing method that delivers accurate results in a secure and encrypted way. 

Honorable Mention, $100

Kira Wallace

Honorable Mention, $100

Isabelle Ho, Albert Huang, Oscar Capraro

Honorable Mention, $100

Stephanie Shields

AWS Prize – DeepRacer

Nicholas Assaderaghi

AWS Prize – 2 DeepLens

Spencer Ball, Ben Garvin, Daniel Mendelevitch, Jasper Wood, Isaac Heintze

Zūm Prize – Best COVID-19 Project, 4 Google Homes

Ryan Cheng, Joseph Kraus, Sebastian Deery, Elliot Chin

Zūm Prize – Best COVID-19 Project, 2 Google Homes

Aryan Vichare, Soham Manoli

Zūm Prize, 1 Google Home

Caroline Dinh

Zūm Prize, 3 Google Homes

 Isabelle Ho, Albert Huang, Oscar Capraro

Zūm Prize, 1 Google Home

Stephanie Shields

Zūm Prize, 1 Google Home

Nicholas Assaderaghi

Best Global Collaboration, 4 Amazon Echo Dots

Arvind Tawker, Marcus Kushner, Rishabh Gupta, Pranav Dave

Best Under 12, $75

Alvin Yao

Best 10 Under 10, $50 

Anusha Narayan

Best 10 Under 10, $50 

Kritika Gupta

Most Technical, 2 Raspberry Pi's

Soham Manoli, Aryan Vichare

Best Machine Learning Project, $100

Sean Cheong

Most Helpful, 4-pack of Tile

Cole Mathes

Best Team, 1 year of Disney+ 

Maya Sprosts, Vivienne Levenberg, Josephine Belfer, Charlotte Stewart, Cara Wang, Cami Yen, Sarina Fernandez-Grishpun

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. "

Steve Jobs

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